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The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, known as the Wrigley Company, is an American chewing gum (Wrigley's gum) company founded on April 1, 1891, by William Wrigley Jr., based in the Global Innovation Center (GIC) in Goose Island, Chicago, Illinois. It is wholly owned by Mars, Incorporated, and along with Mars chocolate bars and other candy products, makes up Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

Alyssa mentioned, "Ugh I'm not a fan. Wrigley's doublemint gum gum dies out sooo fast and it has sugar, so that's expected. I just do not enjoy chewing it because the flavor is not great. It is also usually too hard and can get to a rock-like consistency if not chewed by the right time. Stray away mates."


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Former Employee - Packaging Mechanic says

"Once Wrigley was bought by Mars, everything slowly but surely went to crap. Production/manufacturing employees were treated as expendable slaves. No trust, no morale, safety is an issue, management just doesnt seem to care(not all but most), use of scare tactics, HIGHLY STRESSFUL ENVIROMENT!"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Management is very unfair. No work / life balance. Employees are overworked. Mars slowly took away all the great benefits that Wrigley gave to their employees. Working next to a garbage dump is sickening. Only certain individuals are allowed to work from home one day a week."

Former Contractor - Commercial Manager, IT says

"I was a contractor in a Contract To Hire Role. They reneged on hiring me and a colleague, re-posted the position and then hired an external candidate. Constant reminder of Contractor status in cafeteria by having to pay a 20% premium for mediocre food. When it served Mars management's purposes, they expected me to act like and employee, attending all of their after hours meetings and team building exercises. As a contractor, these intruded on my personal life and I told them that. They were not paying me OT, but expected me to behave like a salaried employee. The original salary they offered me when I applied to be an FTE was WELL BELOW market for the northern NJ area in which I live and they operate. Then, the hourly rate was the same and I declined. They finally gave me what I asked for. When it came time for me to re-interview for the same role after a year onboard as a CTH, they reneged on their commitment to have us only compete against internal applicants. Well, there were none for the Commercial Sourcing Group (Procurement) in Information Services due to the inept and cliquey management team in the USA and UK, so they went external. I was forced to watch as 10 external candidates marched by desk to interview and I interviewed last. Quite frankly, when they informed me I had NOT been selected, I was relieved as I had made up my mind to not accept their offer to convert to an FTE. BTW, I HATED the open office environment; it is noisy, disruptive and when someone comes to your desk, you are expected to drop everything to service them. This is annoying and counterproductive, especially for procurement personnel who may be involved in a telephone negotiation. There are 3 types of people at MARS. The first love it and make careers there. The second are those like me who hated it and don't last long and the third are those who "tolerate it" but also have a tendency to either self-eliminate by finding other employment or don't live up to the 5 Principles in some vague way and are removed. MARS had a huge downsizing after acquiring WRIGLEY as there were a lot of redundant positions. Both MARS and Wrigley people lost jobs but the Wrigley folks were in almost universal agreement that they hated the new company owners. As a result they did not work well with colleagues from MARS business units or their vendors and created very dysfunctional working relationships. All in all, they did me 2 favors not selecting me. One was that I didn't have to turn them down and the second was that I left two weeks later after continued abuse by my manager who left for the UK and Germany the day the new guy started and I (as the Contractor he had beat out for the job had to onboard an employee)."

Sales says

"Despite the vast portfolio of brands, you really don't get the opportunity to shift from, say, Petcare to Chocolate or Wrigley. Senior leadership is a revolving door, and that means tons and tons of reorganizations, shifting priorities, and inability for anyone to make a decision. The re-orgs have been brutal (imagine heavily recruiting people away from other companies only to let them go six months later after their position was deemed 'non-strategic' by new leadership). No one seems to retire from Mars - they either leave or get re-org'ed out. It's great to get Mars on your resume - and you'll make great connections - but don't expect to spend your career here."


"Things quickly changed and you could tell there were obvious differences after the Mars takeover. It seems like the more Mars influences the culture (their idea of "One Mars") the more certain job aspects that used to be pros at Wrigley are now gone. Micromanagement has become a common theme in several aspects of the workplace. They also have a set track of how they plan to advance your career (cannot change positions until after a specific period of time has passed)and they will not deter from that unless you are a favorite of your boss. It also seemed like people liked being there for 10 hours a day, and if you didn't need to be, it felt like you didn't work as hard as the rest of the team. I don't know if there was pressure from the company or if associates just really loved being at work for that long. The office is also in a horrible location. Even if you live in Chicago the only "easy" way of getting there is to drive and your neighbors are Waste Management."

Current Employee - says

"Wrigley can be very reactionary due to their lack of any strategic vision. The have not yet embraced the luxury of being a family owned company. When times gets challenging senior management revert to overworking associates. It is very typical to need to work on a majority of holidays and weekends at all levels of the organization."


"It's very easy to get stuck in a silo in either Sales, Customer Marketing, or Brand Marketing. Very difficult to make the move from Sales to Brand Marketing and/or Customer Marketing to Brand. Brand Marketers typically only recruited from Michigan, Northwestern, Chicago GSB, and Indiana. A large number of these MBA recruits are in-out very quickly and management seems very disinterested in filling these roles from the internal talent pool, which is very frustrating given the experience and education of a number of internal employees. The sales organization is run by old, salty account managers that are (for the most part) difficult to work for and with. The general feel is that they are worried about losing their jobs to younger, more educated managers so the exchange of information and experience often gets muddled in an attempt to preserve themselves. Chicago isn't a bad place to live and work, but I don't think I'd recommend Wrigley as a great place to work, particularly given the other options in the area (i.e. Pepsi, Kraft, etc.). Overall the leadership by the executive team is rather disappointing, as the communication of the strategic vision isn't always very clear."


"Too many people 'feathering their own nests'. Lack of direction or guidence from Senior Management. Work life balance is terrible. You are 'expected' to forsake all else for Wrigley. Not enough staff to make the product effectively.... been cut to the bone."

Current Employee - Project Engineer says

"In some respects, Mars doesn't "value" their employees from a monetary perspective. Salary levels are pretty set at what you sign up to, and are influenced heavily by market "comparisons" (they never divulge the specific detail) and are also compared to other associates at the same level in similar roles. Good luck negotiating a pay increase that is outside the normal development system because they are generally reluctant unless you are some kind of super hero. The "lets treat everyone the same" mentality can bring into play serious cases of "tall poppy" syndrome. Mars typically doesn't like to "promote" people doing great things, recognition is often private and contained - probably because people are afraid to single out high-performing individuals. It is hard to maintain motivation as a "high achiever" as the business treats you the same to everyone else who are doing a mid-range job. Networking and career advancement is a real problem in the organization and feels heavily politically driven. The business does not recruit/network well across business units (chocolate, food, drinks, wrigley, petcare etc) and pushes the individual (ie you) to take control of this with pretty much no support (a very difficult thing to do). Roles come and go but generally there isn't a lot of movement so trying to plan your next career move is extremely difficult. Mars has a very heavy "set and forget" mentality. They tend to rely on the fact that associates are engaged enough to be satisfied where they are until an opportunity arises, so they do not know how to cater for the high-performing and ambitious individual who desires to create their own opportunity. The business is also very global, which can be problematic as decision making from "up the ladder" that has no practical or specific relevance to the site must be followed - often costing time and/or $ for no particularly constructive reason. Challenging global direction is generally frowned upon, and a "follower" mentality is generally expected from the senior management."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nothing like it used to be. (Legacy Wrigley) When the two companies combined, things just haven't been the same. There's no consistency in what's being pushed from the top. They say one thing, but only hold the "lowers" to those standards."

Boring daily job (Current Employee) says

"I enjoyed them 2 years ago, I still do the same boring job every single day, working on a daily basis. They don't care about your background, even thought you have 2 Universities completed in UK, they do care about their own associates, as a contractor you become a ghost and unappreciated ,even if you do your best. Maybe 25 years ago the management of this company was more qualified and they really did understand what does a proper culture is, and other Mars' principles. The overall behaviour and the atmosphere is 1 out of 10, they're so aggressive, unqualified without any educations , this why they cannot understand some basic principles that the corporation like Mars should have. Sad but this is a real inside of the Mars.n/an/a"

Marketing Overheads Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"You go to countless development workshops where they talk about development planning, and careeer paths, and the 5P’s. It’s all bulkshit unless you are someone’s favorite. They don’t let you stay where you are if you are happy. If you are in a role more than 3 years it is frowned upon and seen like you can’t get s new role rather than you don’t want one. Then you apply for the role you actually want and are qualified for and they say you need to go work in other roles to get different skills and work on your problem areas. I was given a promotion for a job I got zero training in, the transition was here figure it out, and when I asked for help I got none. The way I did my job wasn’t good enough because it wasn’t the way my line manager wanted. Then to top it off I started having to have meetings with my senior manager and suddenly my key job description became prepping for the monthly meeting with this FLT manager. This FLT member was never happy, always critical of not just me but everyone. During a meeting once he stopped a presentation to criticize the way the person gathered their data because he would do it differently. Anyway my meetings were supposed to be about x and they became xyz, and it was never good enough. Despite having glowing reviews from Vice Presidents regarding the meetings I was having with them concerning their finances, I was given poor performance reviews because of my meetings with this one FLT manager who is just impossible to please. If they let me stay where I was happy none of this would have happened. Don’t work here unless you want toWork life balanceSalary is very low. Benefits don’t cover enough."

Retail Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"Even if you exceed your goals and expectations they treat you like you're replaceable. You'll never get paid PTO or vacation time. They'll tell you that you'll be paid 45 cents per mile for travel then have you travel 3 to 4 hours away and lower it to 30 cents a mile and nothing until 40 miles and at least an hour each direction. Total scam!!!"

Territory Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company has extremely poor management from the top down. They will constantly lie to you and dangle the bonus carrot you will never get. Look for restructuring every 3 years. 5 Prin piles my butt.BenefitsManagement, No Integrityand brown nose environment!"

team member (Former Employee) says

"i did not like the rotating shifts, it was hard to sleep and adjust to the patterns of rotating shifts....The shifts changed on a weekly basis and there nwere 3 different shifts."

Sales Representative, Manager (Former Employee) says

"As long as you are in the “good ole boys club” you are fine. But tell H.R. that you have been sexually harassed and the retaliation is enough to make you quit. At first I loved my position. Then we merged with Wrigley and everything went downhill. My manager never promoted a female. All females on his team quit after 4 years due to unfair treatment from our manager."

Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"Site management implementing tactics that are truly discriminative against the older & more knowledgeable employees that have made Mars what it is today.pay is fair.leadership & their "culture""

Production Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The twelve hours swing shift slowly kills you. Even though they claim it's more healthy than work straight midnights trust me it's not. And management doesn't listen to the floor employees on the front office .Good benefitsSwing shift, management not that great."

Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing good to say about the Mars Wrigley Confectionery company other than the fact that that they offer very good compensation packages to employees."

Purchasing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Used to work for Mars Mexico but I'm established in Panama. In Mars, people are nice, mostly when they don't have to work with you. I felt no support or empathy from my immediate supervisor in Mexico, and he had no clue of how to direct a team, how to properly delegate and how to provide a united front to other teams. In Panama, one of the Supervisors had no communication skills, had a non-professional behavior and a rude attitude. Not to mention the amount of stress you deal with due to the treatment in Panama. Months before they told me my contract would end, I got sicker and sicker due to the amount of stress and rudeness, so I felt blessed when I got the notice. In that place, you are lucky if you find someone reliable and kind in your line of support. #NOTAGREATPLACETOWORK"

Machine Operator/Assembler (Former Employee) says

"They preach one thing but practice something totally different. Supervisor don’t really care about you or your safety,as long as the product is put out."

Various Sales Positions (Current Employee) says

"Mars has a familiar name and can be a joy to work for given that you're the in crowd......But many times your potential will be held down, especially being a minority here. Diversity issues are well known here, ask a former employee or current if they will be honest. Your work will never stand out, it's who you know and how they like you. They preach networking, but obviously that's not going to produce equality and they don't care. They will let high performing minorities get passed over for people they are comfy with and then gas light you as to why.Salary, benefits, brands, worldwideOld ways, stuck in the 80s, not very diverse friendly, promotions through popularity contests"

Process Engineer/ Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"The rotating schedule at Mars/ Wrigley Confectionery will take a toll on your life outside of the business. It's not a popular place to work if you have a family and active children.Vacation Time"

Production Line Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working here because it was challenging but when you work 12 hours a day for 7.25 you intend for benefits and sick days well this job does not offer anything"

Macine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Managment sucks racist no compromise unless your black or Spanish no compassion my mother died after being in hospital for 8 weeks dieing did not care had option to give me personal leave of absence refused fired me instead heartless people"

Director Wal-Mart Retail Team (Former Employee) says

"Retail leadership is heavy legacy Wrigley. Doesn't lead to a great culture and high engagement. It has become a very cut throat organization that does not put people first. I loved my job until new leadership came in."

Promoteur de vente (Former Employee) says

"Il faut être très autonome, pas d'encadrement durant mon intégration. Poste très isolé du reste de l'équipe, il faut aimer la solitude et les relations pro à distance, callconf et de parfois meeting seront les seules occasion d'être physiquement en équipe."

Business Operations & Initiatives (Current Employee) says

""Old Mars" way of thinking makes it difficult for outsiders to be successful. The company needs to hire new innovative associates and start moving some of the old Mars people out if they want to be successful."

Demand Planning Club Channel (Former Employee) says

"Open office environment. Was able to move around within company to learn different departments and skills sets needed to develop my career. Colorful atmosphere. Culture has changed over the years."

Territory Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Company has a good culture if you're on the right segment of the business. Sometimes it seems like they keep employees in the dark. Besides that good compensation, good work life balance."

Louise Fell says

"I was disappointed that all work stopped on my conveyancing at the point of lockdown without any communication to that effect. Surely conveyancing is something that can be done from home? All enquiries could have been carried out during lockdown, and contracts exchanged, making it possible to complete within a few days after the ban on moving house was lifted. I would have given this feedback direct to Wrigley Claydon but, ironically, their customer feedback process is broken."

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